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    When batching Save for Web, Illustrator also saves copy of .ai file

    Cheryl Graham Level 2

      This question was asked and abonadoned here, so I'm posting because it's also happening to me.


      CS4 & CS5 (I tried both), Mac OS 10.6


      1. I select the "Save for Web PNG" action, which is part of the default set, and select "Batch."

      2. I choose a source folder and choose a destination folder, and check "Override Action 'Save' Commands."

      3. Illustrator then performs the Save for Web action, but puts the .png files in the original destination specified in the action. It also puts copies of the .ai files in the destination folder I created and specified in the Batch dialog box.


      I want the .png files in my folder, and I don't want copies of the .ai files.


      Pulling my hair out on this one, going to lunch. Thanks in advance for any help