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    Premiere Pro export function vs Premiere Element share function



      i'm trying the trials of both products, and I get very different results with these functions.

      I use as a source file a mp4 with 640x480 resolution and it is a pretty clear video even with a bitrate of about 1000k (it is a video that shows the screen of a computer, recorded through a proper device).


      If I just try to create the output video from that source, using Premiere Element share function I obtain a good result, the video preserve more less the same quality (I tried exporting it as wmv and mp4, with several type of configurations).


      Instead, using the export function in Premiere Pro, I tried a lot of configurations (from the same settings used in Premiere element, to a huge bitrate, eg 10,000k), but I always obtain in output a video with a terrible quality.


      Can anybody explain me why I get this behaviour?

      Aren't these functions more less equivalent?