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    DataGrid SelectedIndices from a different MXML component

    Devtron Level 3



      I am refreshing a data grid that resides in my main component, from a sub-component. This works if I invoke the web service method to rebind the dataprovider, and I do not reference the datagrid directly from the sub component.


      My trouble is that I use checkboxes in my datagrid. I need to reset the selectIndices of the datagrid, but anytime I try to reference the datagrid directly it is NULL. The datagrid loses its checkbox selections every time I call the refresh, so I must explicitly reset the selectedIndices.


      How can I reset the datagrid's selectedIndices from a different MXML component? Why is my datagrid always NULL in my web service's result event handler?

      How can I directly reference my main component's datagrid, from my sub-component?