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    PDFs in a website


      I'm working on a website that is subscription based. We are either  linking or embedding the pdf's in an php page because we want the pdfs  to be printable by the subscribers, but we don't want them to be able to  copy the pdf. On the other hand we are also using google search on the  site and while we want all searchers (not just subscribers) to find the  pdf text, when they click on it, we want them to go to a 404 page which  invites them to subscribe but not access the pdf until they are  subscribed. Does anyone have any ideas? Feels like I'm up the creek  without a paddle.

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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional

          The copy protection is all done within Acrobat when you save the PDF.  It is not something Dreamweaver can do.  As far as the indexing goes, I wouldn't recommend the Google search.  If Google can get to the file anyone can.  Your best bet for file hosting is to protect the files and if you need an internal search you can do that instead.  Or you could create your own PDF information page with an excerpt from the PDF, but not the whole PDF.  This way Google indexes that text, but not the location of the PDF.