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    Does .f4m manifest work with Akamai HD network and strobe player

    TimB_Kulabyte Level 1

      I have been using Strobe 1.0 with Akamai's RTMP based Flash network for live multi-bitrate streaming without issue.  I used a .f4m manifest file to specify the live streams and the player switches appropriately based on bandwidth.


      I have attempted to do the same with Akamai's HD Network (HTTP based Flash) and Strobe and in this case if I only specify one media_url in the .f4m that one stream plays fine.  However, if I specify more than one media_url as shown below then I get the "We are unable to connect to the content you have requested..."



      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
      <manifest xmlns="http://ns.adobe.com/f4m/1.0">



              <media url="kulabyte_timb_200@37626" bitrate="200" width="480" height="270"/>
              <media url="kulabyte_timb_100@37626" bitrate="100" width="320" height="180"/>




      My understanding from forum post http://forums.adobe.com/thread/589817?tstart=90 is that OSMF supports the Akamai network even without the Akamai Basic Streaming Plugin, but I'm not sure if that includes HD Network or not.  I have tried with loading the AkamaiBasicStreamingPlugin.swf plugin and tried without loading it, but the behavior described above happens either way.  I used this in the flashvars to load it:




      Actually it's not clear to me if I am successfully loading the plugin or not and maybe that is the real problem I am having.


      I would appreciate any advice on this.