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    ACR 6.3 RC, Sigma .X3F raw files and "Monochrome" WB set by Sigma PhotoPro

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      This topic will try to raise the issue that was discussed before.


      ACR 6.3 RC finally fixed the situation when we could not use w/o tricks custom DNG profiles with Sigma .X3F raw file - thank you.


      However there is still a situation when for example Sigma PhotoPro raw converter will be used to process the file and we set the white balance to "Monochrome"... now if we will exit the SPP leaving that value there for the white balance then ACR somehow behaves as if "Convert to Greyscale" checkbox was selected and you can't "uncheck" it, as it is disabled.


      Can Adobe fix that annoyance ? The only thing that SPP really does - it writes the curent white balance setting selected in SPP back into .X3F raw file as a string... it does not affect for example SilkyPix raw converter which ignores whatever custom settings SPP stores "a-la DNG" in .X3F files, so why ACR can't ignore that as well ?