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    Can't drag anymore


      I'm using MX2004.  Suddenly I can no longer drag anything in authoring.  I can't drag a cast member onto the stage or into the score.  I can't even rearrange a cast member's position in the cast by dragging.  I can't drag a behavior from the library into the cast. I can't move sprites in the score by dragging.  Oddly enough, I can drag a sprite's start and end point, and I can drag a label's position.  I've uninstalled, reinstalled, removed xtras, done a system restore point and pretty much anything I can think of and am now going crazy.  I've been using this install for 2 years and haven't made any change to Director or added any new xtras lately to have caused this.  Other programs like Flash, work fine in authoring, so I don't think it's a windows problem.  I'm using Vista BTW.  Does anyone have some suggestions of what else I can try?