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    Setting codec etc in actionscript

      I am compiling .swf files from .as files and although the results run ok in the flash player I get an unknown error trying to run them in Windows Media Player (problem also happens when attempting to do so programmatically from VB.NET code).

      When I examine the differences between the properties in an swf file compiled from flash and one of the ones compiled from actionscript 3.0, the various items such as Media Type, Video size, Video codec and Audio codec are empty in the latter but have values in the former. As a result, I think that the Media Player can't identify what sort of file it is and is failing.

      My question: how do I set these application properties in either actionscript (the undocumented SWF metadata tag only has four options as far as I know) or as compiler directives to mxmlc.exe. I didn't want to use any mx classes to try and keep the swf files size down but if there is no way to do it in straight .as then I guess I could put it all in an mx:application tag...