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    Bulk update height of Hyperlinks in a PDF document


      When we export our InDesign document to PDF, hyperlinks are automatically generated for each item in the Table of Contents (TOC). This is great, but the problem is the hyperlink area of each line overlaps with the hyperlink area of the next line. This can create confusion in Adobe Reader and Apple Preview when a user clicks near the top or bottom of a TOC heading on a line, thinking it will take them to that heading in the document but instead they are taken to the preceeding or following heading in the document.


      We currently have to open the PDF up in Adobe Acrobat and manually go through and reduce the height of every hyperlink in our document, particularly in the TOC (using the Link Tool). Is there anyway in InDesign to change the height of hyperlinks that are exported? If not, is there a way to bulk update the height of all the hyperlinks using Acrobat rather than doing each one individually/manually (maybe some sort of script)?


      Many thanks : ) Lee