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    Selecting a control thats beneath the transparent shape

    Flexy Flex



      In my current web application development using flash builder, I am using a transformation tool for performing various transformations like selection, scaling, rotation, flipping etc.


      The components that can be transformed using the tool are text fields, shapes, images etc.


      Now I have a task where in I need to select a component using the transform tool on the click of a mouse thats completely overlapped and beneath the shape. There can be n number of components one beneath the other which are overlapped and beneath the shape. But the component being selected is based on the mouse click on that component.


      Here my requirement is to draw a transparent and hollow shape so that the shape gets selected when clicked on its borders and the component beneath it gets selected when clicked in the hollow region of the shape.


      The shapes that I am drawing using the graphics api are circle, square and line.


      The componets beneath the shape can be text fields, images etc.