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    building a computer through suppliers

    ruma bambusa


      We have a development Program in a remote region of East Timor.

      We are in the process of upgrading our media outreach and need to purchase a computer to run Premiere Pro CS5 and possibly Soundbooth and After effects CS3.

      Our productions are only small and intended for local use. We are recording our sustainable agricultural programs and some of our training programs and local events. The average video will be less than 1 hour.

      The videos will also be produced by trainees and local staff with limited expertiese.


      We also will need to work through suppliers in Australia.

      I have attached links to a couple of suppliers below with drop down options for the various components, so instead of me stabbing in the dark looking for the best match could one of you who knows more about this than me have a look and see if these suppliers have what we would need for a basic, rugged, affordable system that wont let us down.


      Price is an issue but reliability is more important. Speed is not necessarly a concern.






      These appear to be the best suppliers I can find online in Australia


      thank you in advance