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    Displaying system time in the stage

      I want to use the "put the time" function to display my system time on the stage. Can someone help?
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          -- where member("display time") is a #text or #field member
          member("display time").text = the time

          However, you probably want to update this regularly. You could use a
          frame event or a timeout object. Also, the systemDate object will allow
          you to display seconds or a JavaScript function can return milliseconds
          as well as other date formatting options. It depends what exactly you
          want to display and with what granularity.
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            Applied CD Level 1
            If you’re already using Buddy API, baSystemTime() has some nice formatting options as an alternative to _system.time()
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              There are a few more formatting options using straight lingo. Instead
              of using "the time", you can use "the long time" which will show the
              hours, minutes, and seconds. Be careful though, since most of
              Director's built in ways of getting the time/date can vary depending on
              the user's Operating System and preferences in the control panel. For
              instance, some may have 24 hour time and some may have AM/PM. It is
              dependent upon the user's OS.

              BuddyAPI has a more configurable and controllable method, as Applied CD
              pointed out. That would be the best way probably.