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    Current Date & Expiry Date Print Options




      I am completely new to Acrobat. I need to do the following every time I print a document:


      ·         display the current date

      ·         state document valid until (generally 24 hours from the current date)

      ·         the name of the person who prints the document (I am on networked computers)


      I do not mind if these are visible on the screen or not. 


      I am looking for a step by step approach to doing this as I cannot find basic information in these forums. Most forums deal with JavaScript problems, I have found numerous chunks of code that is supposed to do this but I do not know where or how to use them.


      I do understand basic programming but I do not know where to enter the JavaScript, how to re-call it or even if I should be using JavaScript to achieve my goal?


      As I will be updating these documents regularly can I set-up a folder so that every time I add a new document to it automatically adds these print options to the document?


      Thanks in advance