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    Error Invoking CFC... but it's there! I see it!

    dsmith Level 1

      Greetings all -

      I'm hoping someone can help explain why this following attempt at binding a CFC is not working:


      1. I set up a CF Server Mapping to my cfc folder:

      Logical path = /testcfc

      Physical path = E:\ColdFusion8\Components\testcfc


      2. I set up a virtual directory to my cfc folder:

      Virtual path: /testcfc
      Physical path: E:\ColdFusion8\Components\testcfc


      3. If I use CFINVOKE to call the CFC, it works as expected.

      <cfinvoke component="testcfc.testRequests" method="get_Clients" returnvariable="var">
      <cfinvokeargument name="fiscal_year" value="#year(now())#">
      <cfdump var="#var#">

      4. If I attempt to bind the CFC, I get the error "Error Invoke CFC /testResults.cfc: Not Found"

      <cfselect name="tstClientID" id="tstClientID" bind="cfc:testcfc.tstRequests.get_Clients('#year(now())#')" bindonload="true" value="client_id" display="client_name" />


      Debugging the error, I see that CF is attempting to find the CFC in the root directory of the app... it is disregarding the directory path ("testcfc") specified entirely. Why??


      The bizarre thing is, I've set up the same structure on my PC/dev environment, and it works fine.


      How can I further debug this issue? It's got to be a mapping problem, but can;t see what I've done wrong. Any help truly appreciated!