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    Premiere Pro CS5 crashing when exporting (only certain file types)




      I have found that when I try and export media in Premiere Pro CS5, it often crashes during the export. It says


      It's only certain file types. For instance, Vimeo HD seems okay but Vimeo SD always crashes mid-export. MPEG is okay too, but MPEG2-DVD always crashes.


      Sometimes it says this: "Error Compiling Movie - Unknown Error" but doesn't throw me out of Premiere altogether.


      Other times it crashes altogether and Windows gives me this error message: "Display driver NVIDIA Windows Kernel Mode Driver, Version 258.96 stopped responding and has successfully recovered". Premiere Pro then stops responding so I have to re-open it and start exporting again.


      I have checked there are no gaps in my timeline and I have rendered the whole work area. Besides, I doubt it's anything that I'm doing wrong with the project itself because it's exporting fine in some formats.


      I am also experiencing random crashes when editing too. Not that often, but occasionally it throws me out - and twice it has made the whole screen go crazy, with weird dotting across the screen (it's scary, it looks like the monitor itself has broken!).


      Any help would be appreciated!




      PS I have a pretty decent new PC - Dell Studio XPS, 8GB, 2x1TB drives, etc. Premiere itself is working great, except for these crashes.