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    CS5 Crashes on Save or  Title addition to time line.


      I assigned my 1.5 hour project to an external drive with lots of space, but got caught by the fact that the common files cache files automatically go to the C:\USER\NAME\AppData\Roaming\adobe\ common\cache files    location where CS5 Stores all the actual data that is used by and between the programs.   Who Knew?!   So I cleared tons of space on C: for this data. 


      Now every time I try to save a Preimier Project, or the system tries to store the latest import, it freezes.  I have done the update to 5.02, I have disengaged my firewall and anti viruws.  I have tried doing extremely simple projects with only a single title in the project.   CS5 crashes more than a teenager in a demolition derby.   


      It worked once, till I over filled it, move things around.  I have checked the media encoder and discovered that is sharing the same common files the CS5 Adobe Preimier is using.     I am at wits end.  The computer is a dual core Pentium HP with 4 meg of ram.   Any ideas on how to stop my teenager from crashing.  It sure seems to me that it crashes when it tires to save.   Each time I go into the project after a crash, non of my resources are present.



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          shooternz Level 6

          My guess is your computer is under powered, under rammed and maybe short on hard disk drives.


          Possibly not set up optimised also.


          What are the system specs and what source material are you editing?

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            AnneArmetta Level 1

            Thanks for the reply.   Yes, my system is under powered for efficient

            operation.  it is a dual core Pentium HP Pavilion DV9500 notebook PC

            wtih T7500 @2.20 GHz  and 4 GB ram,  operating with Vista Ultimate 64.


            However, I thing there is another problem.  That it is choking on my

            high def files lasting over an hour and a half is understandable given

            the slow disk drives and small memory.  However


            Here is the big however.  I get a message on start up  that EEventManger

            is missing.   I have used this computer prior with CS5 and it worked

            sluggishly, ( see under powered), but it struggled through.  I deleted

            unneeded files and I think I deleted the EEventmanager which may be key

            to Preimier's operation in the vista Ultimate environment.


            Now I find that the simplist of projects, no video, no sound,  just

            creating a title that says hello, then immediately trying to save the

            project, crashes Preimier CS5.   That tells me its a system issue.


            I know  your software works as delivered.  I need to know how to

            examine, where in the stream of events that Premier is using that my

            operating system is missing whatever dll I wrongly deleted when I was

            making space for my big project to render.    It there some tool I can

            use to identify why it is crashing and what  aspect of my operating

            system, I wrongly deleted.


            Another problem is my video display is  a Nvida 6800 M GS.  This is not

            a supported video display.   When CS5 dis work minimally on my system

            earlier this week, that imcompatibility introduced an awkwardness that

            was not however insurmountable.  i was able to get a 1 hout 15 minute

            high def project ready to render with multiple edits and trackes.


            In summary, I need help with two things.


            1. I have installed, uninstalled, changed and reinstalled many many

            times.  I am eating up activations at a rapid rate, and may run out if

            there is a limit.  All has been on the same computer with different

            configurations.   So need help with limits on activation, until I get

            this resolved.


            2.  I need a way to discover where my operating system is defective.  A

            dump of why Premier's crash memory configuration might tell me where in

            the operating system it went lacking.   I have tried to find out how to

            restore the EEventManger for VIsta, since that is the sign on to windows

            error that is new with the problem, but have not yet found that out.


            Please let me know what my activation status is and if there is a dump

            that reveals where Premier cs5 died.




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              shooternz Level 6

              EEventManger maybe something to do with an Epson Printer.

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                Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Anne, in the past crashing on titles has been because of third party fonts.  Have you or some other application installed additional fonts on your machine?