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    Video recording site


      Hi there...


      I am a South African designer who has been tasked by a charitable organisation to create a site similar to http://www.itsnopicnic.tv/.


      The only difference is we will be holding a comp that people have 25 seconds to tell the public something they can do in 25 seconds that will make a difference to homeless children in our country EG. buy a street kid a loaf of bread.
      People will then watch the clips, vote for thier favourite and then the winning idea will get implemented acros many multi national companies acros SA and this will jumpstart a movement of 'kindness'.


      I have researched how to do this and i believe i need something like Flash Media Server to accomodate this app, especially the recording via webcam and reviewing feature.


      I have come across so many applications such as "Web FLV recorder" that seem to be the right thing to purchse to create some thing like this, but i wanted the advice of Adobe as you are the guys who created all the applications for this.
      Is there anywhere i can get source flash files (FLA's) to start with and then tweak to work with your media server?


      Please advise as i dont want to purchase the wrong apps to make this happen.


      I will wait on your response.


      Dru Mincher