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    How do I get my buttons to link back to a Symbol?


      Hi all -- I am an extreme newbie at Flash and AS3....I've just been reading all I can this past week and trying to put

      together what I had hoped was a simple project in flash for our Website banner. I'll try to describe my project and the part that I am stuck at.


      Here is our current website: http://www.sherware.com


      You'll see a large green banner near the top of the page that advertises one of our products. In Flash, I have created a rotating banner with five images like the one shown on our site. I have it rotating on an 8-second basis, and I have it so that when someone clicks on my invisible button (the whole banner part) that it goes to that product's web page.


      So far, so good. I've also added five small buttons in the bottom right corner, so that someone can hover over them and go back to one of the rotating images if they missed what was shown, etc.


      I have figured out how to create the buttons and have them shown red, when hovered on each layer. The part that I am stuck at, is I don't know how once I write my action for each button, to have them link back to one of these rotating banner images. I know this is possible, I just don't know AS3 or any programming for that matter to understand what my options are for the function script.


      I have each one set up as an instance so that I can add the EventListener when they click on it, I just don't know what to put other than a URL, since that is all I am familiar with. If you know how to get me to link my project to this forum so you can see the actual project, please let me know!


      Thanks in advance for any help!