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    Spark TextArea + Firefox 3.6.11 + Ctrl+V Paste = Crash!

    JKringen Level 1

      Has anyone else seen this behavior at all? we have a flex 4 web app using Spark components with TLF text and we've noticed (with 100% consistency) that if you copy text FROM inside firefox (and it seems like any text at all, even the URL from the firefox nav bar) and then paste it with Ctrl+V into a Spark TextArea, the flash player and the entire firefox browser completely lock up and crash. Oddly enough, it seems that if you right-click on the TextArea and select Paste it does not crash but seems to work ok. This issue is not just limited to our application, but it seems that any instance of a Spark TextArea viewed in firefox will show this behavior. This link from adobe which has a Spark TextArea example also reproduces this 100% of the time:




      If you View the running example at the bottom of that page, then copy some text from a firefox window and try and paste it into the TextArea, the browser and player will crash. However, if you first paste that text into a plain text editor of some sort and then copy it again this time from your plain text editor and then paste it into the TextArea (it is the same text you pasted earlier, but just copied from outside of firefox) it seems to work fine.


      Anyone else seeing this at all or have any thoughts? If you look at any MX TextArea examples, those work fine. It may be related to TLF text being inside the TextArea, I'm not 100% sure yet on this....