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    Help Needed: Problem with Radio Groups -- Please Read!


      Ok - I am new here, so this may not be the best place to post this question, however:


      I am currently using Acrobat 9 to add/edit new fields in order to create a new PDF form. I have a table in the form that looks similar to this layout;






      I want to add a radio button group for each ITEM (A, B, C etc...) and have four radio buttons for each radio group (with values of Frequently, Occasionally, Rarely & Never respectively), so that only one option can be chosen per ITEM.  Therefore, in respect to the table above, I will have 5 radio groups, with 4 radio buttons allocated within each radio group.


      However, in my case, the table stretches a whole double A4 page, with about 60/70 ITEMS in total. At the moment I will have to create each radio group, (and all the radio buttons within that group) separately, and as I want a professional finish, I will have to manually draw each and every button precisely to fit in the table box. Then I will have to change all the radio button values accordingly. As there are 60/70 ITEMS, there will be 60/70 radio groups with 4 radio buttons within each one, making a total of 240 - 280 [(60 x 4) - (70 x 4)] radio buttons that must be created. I'm not emphasizing when I say this will take me hours to draw, assign, label and create each and every one of these 240 - 280 buttons.


      I have tried to copy the first radio group, with the four radio buttons, however when you paste, it adds another four radio buttons within that radio group, making a total of 8 radio buttons in one radio group as opposed to 2 radio groups with 4 radio buttons each. Furthermore, the "duplication" function has not worked, as it duplicates the radio buttons onto each page - I need to duplicate a radio group simultaneously onto the next line of the table within that same page. 


      My question therefore is whether I can copy previously created radio buttons, and paste them so that they can then be assigned to a new radio group within the same page in the table? This would save so much time as I would only need to change the newly-created radio group name.



      Thanks for your time in advance -- I hope someone can help!





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          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          In form editing mode, have you tried "Forms >Edit Fields > Place Multiple Fields" after creating the first row?

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            bradderstom Level 1



            Thanks for your reply.


            On selecting the entire row, I get the error message; "Cannot create multiple copies of this selection. One or more fields in the selection have duplicates in this form."


            However, after creating a "test" radio group containing only one radio button, it does provide duplicate radio groups for me after pressing "place multiple fields" - this is what I want, however I need four radio buttons in each group duplicated as opposed to one. I shall keep on trying however, and will let you know of any improvements.



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              gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              You can copy one row to the next row and then remame the fields in that row by selecting each button individually or by opening the 'Fields' navigation pane and renaming the fields there.

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                prof-cb Level 1

                You were so close... To solve this issue you have to think in the opposite direction. You have to create the first button of all the questions (the first column), and THEN  you create the buttons for the other "answers". Here is how it goes :

                1. Create the first button. Give it a name with NO NUMBER (Acrobat will give numbers), and set its value. The name could be "Question", for instance.

                2. Select the button, right-click, and choose the command to insert many fields (not sure what the exact phrasing is, I work in French) -- This is where you got to...

                3. In the "insert many fields..." dialog box, under "Copy fields vertically", insert the number of questions you have, plus 1. In your example, this would mean 5+1, so 6 buttons vertically (The reason for this is that Acrobat will give numbers to each button starting at zero and we'll get rid of zero as it is not very user-friendly!). Under "Copy fields horizontally", choose 1.

                4. Once the vertical series is created, delete button "Question.0", keep "Question.1" to "Question.X" ("X" being your last button).

                5. Distribute the buttons from that first series vertically, as you want them

                6. Select all the buttons in that first series, then use CTRL+SHIFT and drag it to the right to make a full copy of the series.

                7. Once the copy is made, and while the buttons in this second series are still selected, choose "Properties..." to set the value of this second series (value of buttons in the 2nd column)

                8. Repeat for all the other columns!

                That's it! Took me a while to figure it out, but is sure saves time!