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    VERY simple calculation - "Script Failed" Value Unknown


      Greetings People. I am not new to LCD (I have been using this product for some time to create graphic documents), how-ever I am new to using LCD to create documents that do mathematical calculations...which is exactly why I am having this issue. Grrrrrrr sorry...


      I have a simple document with a few tables/rows. Each row has a simple condition value (if something is checked there is a numeric value), this works great. What I am trying to do is just total the value of all the rows in each table, and that bombs (errors) with "Script Failed (language is formcalc; context is..) and then identifies all the fields names as "Unknown". I am tried testing a few different way and I always get this error, in fact I can't seem to get this form to just add to simple numbers without a similar error.


      Note. I am sure this is me - just being less-than-smart, I don't belive there is a error with LCD itself.


      Any direction would be most appreciated. Thanks VERY much!