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    Adobe Reader does not display text on one computer


      I have one computer in which no PDF will display text.  It will display image



      Already tried:  Uninstalling, reinstalling the latest version of Adobe several times.

      The same PDF views fine on other machines with the same version of the Reader.

      If I save to a text file, the text appears.


      It seems to be a font problem, but there are no special fonts being used.


      This occurs with all pdf from any source.


      Any ideas?  I am guessing that it is a Windows Font issue, not an Adobe Reader issue, but this machine does not have any other issues with Fonts.  The machine is Windows XP with all updates.  Nothing special about it or the PDFs.


      I have looked through the Adobe Reader options, and there is nothing special going on there either that I could find.  I tried various settings but still get a page with a view logos, but no test.


      The document also will not print.  It returns an error message saying "Nothing To Print" or something similiar.


      I am all out of idas on resolving this.