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    remove paragraph returns

      is there a trick to do the following:
      I paste text from a .txt file into AS3 but you have to remove the paragraph returns. I'm a bit confused by this, how can you be sure you did this right??
      If the text isn't formatted correctly, the swf is flickering on the screen when testing the flashmovie.
      Sure you can try over and over again but it's a serious nerve-testing job :-)

      All advice is welcome,thanks.
        • 1. remove paragraph returns
          silkyjack Level 1
          No reactions?!? Well, here's the solution.
          Actionscript(Flash) has to see a paragraph as one line.
          You may have seven or ten lines in a paragraph but to Flash it has to be one line.
          Otherwise your movie flickers all over the screen.

          I'm not an experienced Actionscripter but hey.. I learn everyday.
          I hope this can be of use to other starting programmers.