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    services-config.xml with actionscript


      I am amazed there is no half way simple method for creating a RTMP consumer without the need for this services-config.xml file. I have to be able to change, on the fly, what server the Flex client subscribes to and have multiple channels open to multiple servers. Maybe this is beyond the scope or capabilities of the RemoteObject, but we should be able create a consumer, channels, adapters and anything else we need without having to use the services-config.xml file.


      So here is the actual problem, I have everything working with the exception of messages being returned from the server are never received. I can set up the channels and channelsets, the consumer, and can subscribe and get an ack message back saying it is connected, but no messages ever come back. And yes, we have confirmed the service is getting the subscription and is sending data back to the client if we use the services-config.xml methodology and watch server logs.


      In our services-config.xml, I see


           <adapter-definition id="messagingAdapter" class="FluorineFx.Messaging.Services.Messaging.MessagingAdapter" default="true"/>




      Is there some way via actionscript to set up these adapters? Even if it means creating custom XML on the fly for the objects to parse thru, which I'm already doing in some places. Where are the adapters definable other than the services-config.xml?





      Well the apadters have nothing to do with it as I can remove the mention from the xml and doing things via mxml still works and the AS3 stuff still doesn't work.


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