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    Help with Comboboxes inside a repeater


      Hi, I have a problem that I really need some help, if anyone knows how to do it.


      I have to make in flex a dynamic form that has X questions and each question can be answered 3 times by sellecting Y options in a combobox. As you can Imagine the number of questions and answers can change.


      Something like this:



      QUESTION                          FIRST ANSWER   2nd ANSWER      3rd ANSWER


      1- Which option do you like?  Combobox: A      Combobox: C        CB: A


      2- Second Question?             Combobox: B      Combobox: C        CB: D


      3- Third Question?                 Combobox: A      Combobox: Blank  CB: B

      (CB: means Combobox - I just made it shorter so it could fit the window)



      I managed to correctly using a repeater show all the questions and each combobox has all the right options inside. All I want now is to get the data from those comboboxes.


      This is a Simplified code (I removed all the non-essencial stuff) so you can get an idea:


      <mx:Repeater id="rp">


      <mx:VBox label="{rp.currentItem.nome}"



      <mx:Repeater id="qt"




      <mx:HBox width="100%"





      <!-- This is the question text -->

      <mx:Text text="{String(qt.currentItem.nome)}"



      <!-- Next, are the 3 comboboxes that are repeated X times -->


                                              <mx:ComboBox dataProvider="{grau}"





                                              <mx:ComboBox dataProvider="{grau}"





                                              <mx:ComboBox dataProvider="{grau}"















      Anyone has an idea of how can I get all the answers from all my dynamic comboboxes?


      The perfect AND ideal solution would be having X Dynamic objects with the question id + the combobox id storing the answer sellected.

      So I would know that the question 32 has the answers A, B and A for an example.



      qt.currentitem.id + combobox.id = selectedLabel

      (question ID) + (combobox id) = (selectedLabel)


      32auto = 'A'

      32superior = 'B'

      32resultado = 'A'


      Or just one arraycollection with all the answers...

      At this point, I would accept any answer or idea or sollution...



      Thanks a lot!!