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    New User - edit HS football highlights


      I have downloaded the trial to see if it can create what I need before buying. I am running Windows7 64bit.


      I have highschool game films on DVD's provided by the coach. The DVD shows these files.

      VOB directory.jpg


      When played it has a menu with one play for each menu item. Ideally I could select the scenes I want and put them in a highlight film to send to recruiters. I am PC savvy but the video editing language is all new to me. I have imported the files to my video, but am lost how to add individual plays to a movie in Premiere elements. If you could point me to the right area of help menus it would be a big help.

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          nealeh Level 5

          You cannot import the existing DVD Menu into PRE. You would need to load the .vob files from the various DVD's, trim the clips for the highlights you want then Share in a format that the recruiters want. If you want to have the clips accessible from a DVD Menu then you will need to author that in the Disc Menus tab and use Disc in the Share tab.


          PRE9 supposedly imports .vob files directly, but for earlier versions convert to DV-AVI using one of the techniques from the FAQ entry: What tools can I use to convert my video to DV-AVI?


          [EDIT] Just did a test with PRE9 trial - VOB file imported fine. I output it as a DV-AVI and that too worked fine.


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