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    Premiere Elements 9


      I have Premiere Elements 9 installed on a computer.  For those of you that saw my previous

      thread about running over a network we are still working on that problem.  I have this installed on my school computer as well and have not had to many problems.  The most recent problem I have had and have not been able to solve is that when I add a music file (.mp3) to the project I cannot save a project as a .avi file and if I try to save as an .mpeg file it says that windows media is out of memory or something like that.  Any help is appreciated.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          You haven't given us nearly enough information for us to be able to help you, d. We've no idea what kind of camcorder your video is from -- or even what operating system you're working on.


          But here are some general suggestions:


          Try converting the MP3 to a WAV file. You can do this with the free download Audacity. (Open the file in Audacity and select go to File/Export.)


          Which settings did you select when you opened your Premiere Elements project? What kind of camcorder did your video come from?


          Also, is your project file saved to your network? As you've no doubt learned, that could be problematic.


          Your computer specs may also be low. In particular, you may lack free space on your C drive. (At least 30-50 gigabytes of free space is generally required on your C drive, and that must be regularly defragmented.)

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            dhillis1 Level 1

            Sorry.  I tend to have a problem with being to vague.  I am running Premiere Elements 9 on XP Pro, SP3, INtel Core 2 Duo 2.33 GHz, 4GB RAM, 50 free gigs on my C drive but I don't think it is all available to me because of the security settings on the computer.  On the server I have over 2TB of free space right now.  I


            I have used both a HDD Cananon FS31 and  a Cannon Mini-DV camcorder but can't remember what the model is one that camera.  I don't have a problem with audio from the camcorder's.  It is only when I try to add a music track, say for a highlight video, that I get the unknown error and it won't compile the .avi file.  It will save an MPEG file but during playback all i hear is clicking instead of the music?


            I'll try converting to a .wav file and see if that helps any.


            Project has been saved to both my desktop and the server with no difference so far.



            Gonna try a .wav file and see if that makes a difference.. thanks

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              The hardware and software requirements for a Canon FS31 and for a miniDV are very different! It's very important that you know which you're working with and which settings you selected when you set up your Premiere Elements project! You can't mix different formats in the same project. (In fact, until you get your issues worked out, I'd recommend you work exclusively with the miniDV footage, captured over a FireWire connection.)


              As I'm sure you know doubt are aware, the security settings you describe may well be at the core of all of your problems. Premiere Elements often does not work on a network -- and, especially if your C drive is locked or defragmented, you're going to have serious problems doing any kind of video work.

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                dhillis1 Level 1

                Yes, i do know about the network and I am learning to hate it very quickly.


                One more question, does premiere have a built in copyright protection thing?  These are songs that I downloaded and not songs that I ripped from a disk.  I am going to try to find a cd and see if rippingthe music makes a difference.

                The .wav file did not work either.


                Alright....just used another .mp3 that was brought to me by one of my students and it worked just fine.  I guess it has something to do with the .mp3 files??

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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  Premiere Elements does not have a copy protection thing built into it, but many songs (especially those from iTunes) do. This copy protection can indeed throw up an error code when you try to load the song into a video project.

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                    dhillis1 Level 1

                    This is starting to get annoying...lol


                    Is there a way to open a log to see what this "Unknown Error" is?


                    I uploaded the video to my online album if you wanna watch it to see what clicking I am talking about.  Maybe that will help you understand what I am doing?