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    Colour Profiles and Media Encoder

    Blabberlicious Level 1
      1. Editing and compositing DSLR HD footage using colour workflow - as outlined by Adobe.
      2. Calibrated monitors.
      3. AE's Project Colour Working space is Adobe1998
      4. Colour management in Photoshop and Bridge also set to Adobe1998
      5. Colour are prefectly synced across all apps.
      6. When final rendering in AE, I set an Output Profile for the appropriate colour pace (sRGB web)



      All good



      I am using Adobe Premier, an increasingly Adobe Media Encoder,


      My Question

      How do I embed the Media encoded output with the correct colour profle, as I did in Step 6 in AE's Output Module?


      Any help appreciated

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          You can use the Color Profile Converter effect to do the color space conversion that would normally be done by the output module in After Effects.


          For example, you could create a new composition with nothing in it but an adjustment layer and a nested composition that is the composition that you want to output. Onto that adjustment layer, apply the Color Profile Converter effect and manually set up the color space conversion. Then send the new, containing composition to AME or Dynamic Link to Premiere Pro or whatever.


          This, by the way, is how we recommend color-managing video previews (previews on external video monitors), because that path isn't color-managed normally.

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            Blabberlicious Level 1

            Thanks for that. I am still very confused about why the  colour management process for Premier.


            My working colour space is for HD TV (Rec), but I need to be able to output client preview that that bear some resemblance to the HD footage.


            I have read Adobes Colour management Papers, but it doesn't mention how to incorporate Premier or Media Encoder into a consistent pipeline. 


            After After Effects, I understand why you would need to pre comp with nested Color profile - because you've bypassed the final step of AE color management.


            That's all good



            But what about Premier CS5?


            So what if want to bypass AE althogether, and take advantage of premier's CUDA tools for accelerated colour correction - but ensure I get the same predictable colour result?


            Do I:

            1. Import my Premier Scene into AE
            2. Nest and Make Profile Correction Comp (sRGB for the web)
            3. Open The AE in Media Ender and render the AE Correction Comp as H264




            Could you [please] suggest a way of working Between Premiere, AE and Media Encoder with a managed colour?



            Many thanks

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              Todd_Kopriva Level 8

              There is no color management in Premiere Pro or the Adobe Media Encoder application.


              If you want color management in these applications, please file a feature request.