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    Switching from self-signed to Thawte certificate


      I have been selling an AIR application for four months now.  Often people complain that they can't install it because of a warning that the "publisher is unknown", or there is no verifiable digital signature.


      Today I went to Thawte and paid $299 for a one-year code signing certificate.


      My first question is, can I simply point the AIR application to the new certificate, or will there be a conflict due to the self-signed certificate that I have used for this application previously?


      My second question is, after I attach my Thawte digital certificate and publish the application, what happens if I need to make an update to the program and republish?  Often a user will inform me of a minor bug in version 1.0 which I can easily fix.  When I publish version 1.1 corrected of bugs, will I be able to use the certificate again?