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    Clipping Path Assigner


      Hey All,


      I export high-res pdfs from indesign, and one of the biggest problems I have is during our preflight. Each image we have linked has to be "told" to use it's photoshop path, or else it will not use it upon export (leaving big white boxes).


      For every image, We have to choose Object - Clipping Path - Options: Then Photoshop Path, which automatically selects the available path, then Hit OK. And It won't let us do multiple images at once.


      So the question of a document script comes to mind. Would it be easy to create a script like this?:



      For each visible image:




              Object - Clipping Path - Options
                  Photoshop Path (will always be named "Path 1" (no quotes) if you need to specify a path name)


          End Do;


      End For;


      Popup - Finished




      I looked for an "Actions" feature of sorts, to record menu actions like photoshop, but it just doesn't exist. Thoughts?


      (I have pretty much zero scripting knowledge, so either a 'for dummies' instruction, or someone to help is in order...)