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    Flash Catalyst "Panini" Preview available at Adobe Labs

    Nate B. Level 2

      I'm not sure how many of you have had time to keep up with what is going on at Adobe Max this year, but some of the keynote videos have demonstrated Flash Catalyst "Panini".  There is a preview download of the future version of Flash Catalyst available at the Adobe Labs site here:



      It's beta software, so all the usual caveats apply (you can learn more from the link above).  Apart from the advances made in Flash Catalyst "Panini", the most immediate pieces are that this preview version can co-exist with a Flash Catalyst CS5 install (so no need to uninstall Fc CS5 to try it) and that this particular preview build doesn't open Fc CS5 projects.


      Hopefully you find it to be an improvement and we welcome your feedback.



      Quality Engineer on Flash Catalyst