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    docs and examples

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      First, the Cairngorm framework version 3 seems to be quite good - so hats off to the people behind the project (Alex, Francois, etc.)


      However, it would be really useful if you can convert all this scatterred HTML click after click online not easily printable documentation into a single (or multiple) coherent document, indexed with TOC - preferably PDF, similar to the Flex manuals. Further, Adobe consulting claimed that "a lot" of apps have been built using Cairngorm - can you provide some more real world sample apps with code - so far only have the old Conreats example.


      Can you please put some more effort to make this project successful since developers are investing a lot of time and effort by selecting/learning/adopting the framework - it seems even several outside groups that are not entirely vested in Flex and dont have much to gain, have spent a lot of effort developing open source frameworks (Swiz, Parsley, etc.). Whereas Adobe makes zillions of $ overall - can it not afford a few more resources on an important project like this that can make Flex and Flash pervasive ? It should payoff handsomely in the long run, besides being the right thing to do.




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          ledroff Adobe Employee

          Thanks for your comment Gary.

          I'll foward your message to my managers and try to get some "official" "budgeted" time for better and more documentation. :-)

          You are right, if they have zillions, they should share it :-)


          Meanwhile we will continue pushing

          * new content in our wiki on sourceforge.net at http://sourceforge.net/adobe/cairngorm/home/

          * samples in svn, a new one will come from our latest MAX presentation cf. http://www.jroller.com/francoisledroff/entry/flex_and_lcds_best_practices

          * and eventually whitepapers and more blog post around Cairngorm3.


          As for the Cairngorm3 reference page, it's actually a very good remark we'll publish a list and post it in our wiki (may be we could add your project in the list if you wish to tell us more about it)


          And if anyone out there feels like contributing docs , samples or code... please feel free.


          We really want cairngorm3 to be comminity driven (and not Adobe only).