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    Timewarp in AE CS5 error or what?


      Hello everyone,




      this is a video that i upload on youtube so you can understand my problem with the timewarp effect.

      It is an 8seconds clip from my Panasonic HMC151 AVCCAM duplicated four times with different speed durations.

      first clip 100% speed

      second 100-50%

      third 100-25%

      fourth 100-10%

      My first problem is when i apply timewarp to the layer with less then 100% speed it cuts the end of the clip,and i can't extend the clip.

      My second problem is that when it comes to 50% speed every pixel that is moving like the edges and hair of the beautiful girl,it blurs them but not like gussian or motion blur it's like she is druging the pixels whith her or damaged pixels or something.

      Is this a problem?do i do something wrong?is there something that i don't know?is there a solution to these problems?


      Thanx for your time.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Same as always in such cases: Adjust your motion sensitivity by tweaking the error threshold and vector detail settings. Still, even then you cannot expect miracles - you are working off compressed footage whihc by professional standards is ratehr blurry and you are forcing the algorithms to "invent" up to 10 framnes for each source frame, which will just as much affect existing artifacts as it will the original content...



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            J Maggs

            Hi TeaminMotion,


            So so glad I found you. I just posted a thread because I am getting the exact same symptoms as you trying to use time warp in After Effects. Here is the thread FYI http://forums.adobe.com/thread/737118?tstart=0


            It has been driving me mad trying to figure out what was going on and thought it must have been something I had stuffed up. But since I still had Premiere CS4 installed I used the timewarp effect to the same clips that I was trying to use in AE. In Premiere CS4 timewarp worked perfectly without any problem.


            Now I have someone else who shares my troubles at least I know I'm not losing my sanity. I must assume this is a bug in AECS5.