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    Creating Image Thumbnails in RoboHelp 7


      Hi All


      I have created a WebHelp using RoboHelp 7. Since some of the images in HTML are of large size, I want to use their smaller size as *thumbnails* so that a user can click on thumbnail and see the enlarged view of image in its actual size. The *specific* requirements is that I want the resultant (actual) image in a popup window so that the horizontal scroll bar stays away (which is the actual reason I am using thumbnails). I tried using DHTML effects but for all options I tried, the actual image is shown in HTML page itself, and that brings the hori scroll bar again. I tried to create hyperlink but I can only link the thumbnail to an HTML and not to an image.


      Any directions please?




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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

          I haven't tried it with RoboHelp but on my site I have smaller images linked to larger images and they just open in a new browser tab. Have you tried that making sure the larger images are included as baggage files?


          Also have you tried custom size popups?


          See www.grainge.org for RoboHelp and Authoring tips



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            vhvingar Level 1



            I tried using the 'baggage files' method but the enlarged/actual image opens in a new browser window. The issues are:

            (a) This enlarged image opens in a browser window with traditional menus, status bar etc. It is actually not a frame just as programmers are able to show enlarged view of an image thumbnail. For that, I may need to bring in programmers that I seriously want to avoid.

            (b) I cannot set the location (x-y axis) to where the popup should apear. By default, it opens in traditional top-left corner whereas ideally, it should appear around the image where the user clicks (around the thumbnail). Again, I want to avoid bringing in the programmers into the scene here.


            I tried another option though.


            I created a new HTML that had the Enlarged/Actual size image as its background image. Now in hyperlink properties of thumbnail, I linked this HTML, and it works perfectly fine. There is no menu bar, status bar, and it opens right around the thumbnail where the user clicks. The ONLY issue is that I would need to have as many new HTMLs as I have thumbnails (and corresponding enlarged images).


            Your thoughts please on any workaround?




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              MergeThis Level 4

              You could accomplish what you want by using an excellent JavaScript tooltips utility created by Walter Zorn and now downloadable from the SourceForge web site. It's free, and can be configured for all your needs (combining text and images, and setting x-y offsets, title bar, opacity, etc.), assuming you feel comfortable adapting the JavaScript per the user guide. Pay special attention to the need to "escape" certain characters such as quotation marks and slashes.



              Good luck,