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    Removing clips from the timeline in as 3.0

      Try this test:

      Creat a new Flash movie with 2 bank keyframes.

      Draw a rectangle on the first frame, convert it to a movieclip and give it an instance name of testSym

      Add this code to the first frame:



      testSym = null;


      and then this code to the second frame:


      trace ("FORCING GC");
      try {
      new LocalConnection().connect('foo');
      new LocalConnection().connect('foo');
      } catch (e:*) {}

      // this forces the garbage collector but is not recommended for published products

      give the rectangle movie clip 2 blank keyframes too. Put this code in the first frame:


      trace("I'm still here");


      and this code in the second:




      Now run the movie - I assumed that the clip would be marked for garbage collection and collected by the forced collect, but it still persists - presumably because it was put statically on the timeline?

      Is there any way around this? Surely there must be a way to remove movie clips that have been placed statically on the timeline at design time rather than adding everything using code? Can anyone help?