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    Unloadmovie after playing out end frames?

      This should be simple I think. And yes I am new to Flash so bear with me. I am trying to have the current movie loaded to play say 12 frames out before loading the next movie. This is from a button named 'second_btn' on the main timeline. So, I have a movie 'first_mc' loaded into a empty MC on the stage named 'main_mc' It loads and plays to frame 24 and stops. when the 'second_btn' is pressed I would like the first_mc to play from frame 26 to frame 32 and then unload and load up second_mc.
      Right now I have a simple loadmovie to load in the first_mc:

      first_btn.onRelease = function(){
      loadMovie("first_mc.swf", load_mc);

      Is there a way to have 'unloadmovie' to play frames 23-32 unload the first_mc and then load second_mc?
      Or canI load the two movies on different levels to solve this? There again I am not familiar with levels but I am looking into that as well.
      I am searching the archives for anything close and am sorry if this is too simple.
      Thanks in advance