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    Help with CFNavigate

    DueNorth2007 Level 1
      Now maybe I am doing it wrong but with CFNavigate, it has the parameter for a "container" to refresh. What if I want the whole page to refresh with the form fields passed into it? Based on the CFML Reference Guide (pg 127) all I have to do is... "If you omit this argument, the link is treated as a normal URL and the entire page is refreshed."

      So here's the basic thing I am trying to do... use CFLAYOUTAREA which has a form in it and I have a link which should pass the form variables from myform to the test_submit.cfm page. Here's the basic code I am using:

      <a href="javascript:ColdFusion.navigate('test_submit.cfm',,'','','post','myform');">Submit it</a>

      If I leave the container field out of it... (no quotes), I get: Syntax Error.
      If I enter a '' (no space), I get: Error replacing HTML, element not found.
      If I enter a ' ' (with a space), I get the same error as above: Error replacing HTML, element not found.

      Am I using it wrong? is there a _root or something I need to put in the container field for it to work?