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    best practices for loading swf's

    Rezu Level 1



      Using CS5 AS2


      I'm creating a website in flash (all the files will be in one directory/folder on SharePoint) and want to make sure that what seems to be working fine is best practice.



      I have an index.swf with many buttons which will take the user to landing pages/content/other swfs. On these different buttons I have the script...


      on (release) {loadMovieNum("name.swf", 0);}                I could also do just {loadMovie("name.swf", 0);} ??


      The movie transitions nicely to name.swf and on this page I have a button that returns the user to the index.swf...


      on (release) {loadMovieNum("index.swf", 0);}   Things move back to index.swf nicely and user can chose to go to another landing page.



      It looks like I'm on the right track, bc nothing is going awry? but want to check. Am I following best practices for moving from one swf to another within a website?


      Thanks for help or confirmation!!