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    Live Cycle PDF Generator - Printing issues



         I am new to LiveCycle and figuring out why a custom code developed will print to one set of printers and not the other.  LiveCycle is running on BEA WebLogic server on Widows 2003.  There is a customized SendToPrinter process I see in the Adobe WorkBench which reads an XML resource to determine which printer configuration.  The actual code for printing is invoked from a service called lprPrint using the LPD protocol for which I do not have the source code.  The app is able to print to one set of Cannon printers controlled in the UNIX environment, however while attempting to print to the another Xerox printer which is in the Windows world, it fails.  I am able to telnet to the Xerox printer on port 515.  I have used various queue names like lp, LP, PS and so forth but to no success.  Any pointer will be greatly appreciated.