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    Multi-module Maven and Flash Builder 4


      Sorry for cross-posting this, but I responded to:




      which was posted in the Flex forum, and this is more about Flash Builder. The issue is that content assist doesn't work with a multi-module maven project containing a Flex Project module. So here is my response to the above. Hopefully someone will see it here:



      I'm having the EXACT same problem reported by you as well as here:




      Steps to reproduce:


      1) Install Adobe Flash Builder 4 Standalone (I initially tried with Spring Toolsuite 2.5.0, but thought I should try with the standalone version from Adobe).

      2) Open FB4 and create a brand new workspace

      2) Add Eclipse Galileo and M2Eclipse as update sites

      3) Install m2eclipse

      4) From the command line, create a basic maven project via 'mvn archetype:create'.

      5) Remove the src folder and change packaging type to pom

      6) In FB4, import the new maven project

      7) Create a new Flex Project via File -> New -> Flex Project. Change the location so that it's in a folder under your newly created maven project

      8) Open Main.mxml -- notice that the generated file has syntax errors in it (another issue). Fix those errors and attempt the Content Assist -- no dice


      Notice that this is a vanilla FB4 standalone install. The only thing I added was the M2Eclipse plugin. Also, I am NOT using flexmojos, nor have I added a <modules/> section to the parent pom yet. As far as FB is concerned, the new flex project is just in a folder underneath another in it's workspace. Also note that this is a brand new workspace -- so a corrupted workspace shouldn't be an issue (as was apparent in the beta).


      This has been driving me nuts. We need this functionality. We have a multimodule maven project and really want to use Flex and Flash Builder. We're still in the eval period for FB, but may have to forgo buying FB and instead go with FlashDevelop, even though it's not as powerful.