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    Converting .docx merges to PDF is very slow.

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      Hi all first post, so hello!


      As the thread question states, I am trying to figure out creating PDFs from docx merges are very very slow to complete. We are using Adobe Acrobat 8, and Microsoft Word 2007 on Windows XP.


      Before we upgraded to MS Office 2007 and the docx format, Acrobat 8 created PDF merges in the the 2003 .doc format just fine and was very quick. We can even created PDFs from .doc merges through Office 2007 and it is still works great and is super fast. But once we try a creating a PDF from a .docx merge, it crawls and is very slow, and is starting to be time consuming for the users. I checked out the 3-4 people that perform this function, and they all seem to have the same issue.  So i would guess this would have something to do with the .docx format and the way Adobe 8 interprets the format to create a PDF from it. The documents normally fall within the 1200-1500 page range.


      Acrobat 8 has been updated with the latest program updates, but I am a loss as to why .doc's create so fast, but docx's are very very slow.


      Any input would be greatly appreciated. I tried to include all pertinent info you would need, if I left something out, please let me know.