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    Patching Flash Versions


      As an SCCM admin, its my job to patch versions of flash as quickly as possible.  Now that Flash catalogs are available for down load, and importable into SCUP for SCCM, that makes my job somewhat easier.  I am hoping some general questions and assumptions on my part, can be answered here as to how I proceed in my enterprise, so here I go.  People may already know this, but SCCM is Microsofts tool to do enterprise deployments, patching, and asset management.  SCUP is Systems Center Update Publisher, and allows you to import or create 3rd party updates, that roll into SCCM and get deployed.


      I have been able to deploy Adobe Flash using SCCM and SCUP, but I had some questions around patching, full installs and older versions:


      Since no machines in my test had the bad version of 10 (included in the cab but expired) initially no machines NEEDED the install.

      I installed a BAD/OLD version of 10 and then the SCUP scan detected a need

      After the certs and GPO's were in place on clients, scan and install worked great!


      I want to focus on Flash 9 since that's what's in our image:

      I assume that some (or the last) of Flash 9 is 'safe'

      How can I get an old Flash cab, to setup the proper compliancy check, or do I modify the latest supported version of Flash rules to update 9 to 10?

      Can version 9 be updated to version 10!?


      Any insight is great