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    Error Accessing CFC as WebService

      I have a Flex App running on my local machine. When compiled in Flex 2, it runs smoothly - calls the CFC as a WebService, returns the XML, builds the report. However, when I take the same exact MXML code, and put it in a Flex 3 app (I have both versions running as separate instances), I receive the following error:

      faultCode:DecodingError faultString:'Cannot find definition for type ' http://xml.apache.org/xml-soap::Document'' faultDetail:'null'

      The Flex App is running in a directory outside of my /CFUSIONMX7 directory, and the CFC being called is also outside the /CFUSIONMX7 directory. Again, this is not a problem in Flex 2, only in Flex 3.

      Am I missing something? One idea I had was that this may have something to do with the fact that I cannot select "How will your Flex application access data? (Basic/ColdFusion Flash Remoting Service/Flex Data Service)" when I create the project in Eclipse.

      Any ideas?

      Please help.

      Thank you.