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    Set background color when check box is unchecked

    S Huibregtse

      Reading the posts I was able to find a few close to my problem but not quite there.  Here is what I am attempting to do for my assignment grading sheets.


      First I currently have a calculated score field that automatically calculates the grades as I mark check boxes.  For each check box the score is reduced by .5.  I did this by Calculating using simplified field notation:




      "pt01" is each deducted half point.  "ex01" is an extra credit half point that they can earn.  This works just the way I want it to.


      My problem comes in when I want to allow assignment updates.  Let me break it down into two separate parts:


      1. I have a check box titled "Update Recommended".  When I check that I would like the Score field to stop calculating and hold its current score.  I would then like the "Update Value" field to calculate the current score in the same manner that the Score field did.  However, this time around I will uncheck the boxes instead of check them.  My thoughts have been that I can use an if statement that checks if the "Update Recommended" box is checked, but I haven't been successful yet.
      2. The second problem is that I would like the background color to change to yellow as I uncheck the boxes, so students (and I) know which points they had lost during the first attempt.


      Any assistance with either part of this problem would be greatly appreciated.  Please let me know if you need me to clarify any part of this.

      Thank you,