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    css in flash

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      I would like to style my loaded html text with css. I get it to load and
      all else works, but the styling does not get applied.

      Here is the AS I have so far, what is missing/am I doing wrong?

      var thePath:MovieClip = this.scroller_all.scroller_slider;
      thePath.infoScroll.textbox.html = true;
      thePath.infoScroll.textbox.autoSize = true;

      var cssStyles:TextField.StyleSheet = new TextField.StyleSheet();
      cssStyles.setStyle("h1", {fontWeight: "bold", fontSize: "15px", color:
      cssStyles.setStyle("h2", {fontWeight: "bold", color: "#000000"});

      thePath.infoScroll.textbox.styleSheet = cssStyles;

      var lvInfo:LoadVars = new LoadVars();
      lvInfo.onData = function(sInfo:String):Void {
      thePath.infoScroll.textbox.htmlText = sInfo;

      Thanks a lot!