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    Different Color Text of Topic Titles by Child Project in Search Results List


      Does anyone know how I can change the text color to indicate the source project of a topic as displayed in the Search Results list?

      I have followed Peter Grainge's directions for setting up a parent project that has several child projects, one of which contains outdated version-specific information. Thanks, Peter!

      I would like it to be obvious to the user before they open a topic from the Search Results list that it is from the old legacy project.

      I have found where the font is set, (thanks to the RoboWizard), but I am not a Javascript programmer and am uncertain how to code the "if document is from this project, then use this font" logic.

      I would also like to put a "caption" below the "Search Results per page" line to explain the purpose of the color change.

      I am using RoboHelp HTML 8.0.2. I generate WebHelp output which is then FTP'd to our server.

    • Thanks in advance!