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    Can Flex make a Design Tool with a quality output file?


      Hi there,


      I have a team of developers working on a web-based design tool for a large-format print shop. They built the prototype on a Flex platform and used ImageMagick to handle text and image effects.


      Unfortunately, ImageMagick cannot produce the quality of output file we need for our products (prints up to 3 ft by 6 ft / 1m x 2m). It rasterizes all of the design objects, including text and vector clipart.


      Is it possible for Flex to handle all of these elements (object rotation, scale changes, etc.) and output a final design to high quality PDF or AI files without ImageMagick?


      I'm just not sure if my developers are missing something or if they're just not communicating the technical challenges involved in creating such large, high quality output files for a custom, web-based application.


      Many thanks in advance for any insight!