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    Runtime Sharing & Component Inspector Bug


      I'm not sure if this is a bug with Flash or me doing something wrong. Here are the steps to reproduce:


      1) Create "Source.fla"

      • draw a box on the stage and convert it to a movie clip. Call it "Component"
      • export Component for actionscript. Give make the class name "Component"
      • also, check "Export for runtime sharing" and put "Source.swf" in the URL. Click OK.
      • Next, right click the Component in the library and select "Component Definition..."
      • click the "+" button to add a parameter, give it the name "label" with type "String". Click OK
      • Save and test the movie so "Source.swf" is compiled out.

      2) Create "Destination.fla" in the same directory

      • close Source.fla
      • go to File > Import > Open External Library...
      • select Source.fla. Click OK
      • you should see another Library panel show up with the Component symbol in it.
      • drag the Component symbol from that library onto the stage
      • save and run it. Everything should be fine: you should see your Component symbol from Source.fla should up on Destination.fla's stage.

      3) The Bug!

      • now, click the imported Component symbol on Destination.fla's stage. And go to the component inspector.
      • you should see the "label" property we created earlier in step 1
      • change the value to something other than the default
      • save and run it.
      • you should see this compile time error: "Scene 1    1046: Type was not found or was not a compile-time constant: Component."


      What's up with that eh? Seems like a Flash bug to me. Unless I'm missing something.


      FYI: I'm using Adobe Flash Professional CS5 (


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