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    Air Application not working in other countries


      Hi there,


      We have deployed an .air application that communicates with a database to get all its content (like dock, media modules, image URLs, etc). The application is working fine in the United States territory but doesn't work in other territories (like france, germany and other eurpoean countries).


      Its a desktop application with .air extension. We made it available on the website (hosted in the US) with a batch install. The database is also hosted in the US. We tried to correct the MIME settings of the server to see if it has any impact on the application's proper functioning, but in vain. The database "might" be hosted on a different server (but within US).


      A strange situation is - one of our interns from france got it working when she was here in the US, but when she returned back to france and tried downloading and running the application again (in france) - it stopped working.


      Could anyone point out what the issue could be? Any inputs could be helpful.



      Oskoui Team

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          Gurdeep Singh Level 1

          Could you please elaborate "not working". You are unable to connect the remote server or are you getting inappropriate data.

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            oskouidev Level 1

            Hi Gurdeep,


            Sorry for being little vague, 'not working' refers to no data being received by the application when we run it. The whole application is based on database-driven data where it gets the values about if a module is enabled or disabled (for example a video player module), data about video urls, mp3 urls, gallery images urls. All such values are stored in the database. And the application should be making xml request to get the data.


            The xml requests and responses are made and received appropriately on our office machines and few of users machines. But other users (whom we asked to participate for testing) were not able to see the application when they launch it..they a default wallpaper thats part of the application (not through xml requests). On further investigation, I could see that the the application on those users machines is neither making any xml requests nor receiving any xml responses.


            Hope I was clear in explaining the issue this time. Let me know your thoughts on this.