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    Flash Player skipping frames on full hd videos (10-15 fps insted of 24-30 fps)

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      Below is my conversation with nVidia Support to understand my problem with Flash Player.

      Thank you for any help you may give to solve this.




      I have Quadro FX 360M in my laptop, 1920x1200 rez. display (Dell M4300) and using Quadro  Performance Driver Verde Notebook Release 256 WHQL version 258.96 and  MAXtreme Performance Driver version 13.00.01
      My problem is watching  full hd (1080p) videos on YouTube. They don't play fluent. In my  estimation they play at about 15-20 fps from 30 fps. Offline full hd  videos in .mov, .avi, .m4p etc. play well with no problems. CPU usage is  about 35% both online and offline. I have Pentium Core 2 Duo 2.6 Ghz, 6  Mb Cache level 2 and 4 Gb of RAM. My internet connection is fast at  about 30 Mbps.
      Is there a way for my eNvidia video card to play well full hd flash videos online?
      Thank you,



      Hello Dan,


      Can you give me a link to a video that you see this issue with?


      One  thing I would like to mention is you are comparing the performance of  the video playback of YouTube with the performance of offline full hd  videos in .mov, .avi, .m4p format which I really do not think is a valid  comparison simply because when the videos are off line, they do not  have to deal with the throughput of your network so they would naturally  play smoother.


      Unless I am misunderstanding your comments.




      NVIDIA Customer Support



      Thank you for your kind replay,


      I don't think it's a problem with my internet connection.
      Here is a 1080 full hd clip:
      Even  if I wailt for the whole video to buffer it plays at about 15 fps or  lower at 1080p full screen. My laptop has 1920x1200 rez. 15" screen.
      I'm  using DowloadHelper add-on on Firefox to download YouTube videos in my  computer. I've downloaded the above video ( mp4 format) and it plays  very well
      offline. What can I do so that Flash player on YouTube  will play 1080p videos full screen smoothly? Are there any special  settings on nVidia driver for that? Or, 256 Mb dedicated video is not  enough for smooth full hd video playback?
      Thank you very much,


      Hello Dan,


      Thank you for the link.  It played fine for me with no  buffering at all but because I am at NVIDIA, I have a very fast  Internet connection.


      Have you by chance tried Internet Explorer  just to see if you get  a different result?  I am using Internet  Explorer and I did not see a problem at all.




      NVIDIA Customer Support



      I get the same results on Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.
      It  misses frames and it plays jerky. I guess it doesn't deal well with  keyframes in video or it doesn'n manage to do the interpolation in full  screen on time. The fact is, I get smooth playback only whatching them  in small resolution like 360p, 480p and 720p. But when I switch to full  screen viewing, then it gets jerky again even at small resolution. What  can I do?



      Hello Dan,


      The thing is I am able to to play it full screen with  no problems at 1080p.  Have you tried watching the video without your  add-on?


      Does this only occur with videos on YouTube?  Does this happen with all online Flash videos at full screen and 1080p?


      Have  you tried right clicking on the video while it is playing to make sure  that hardware acceleration is enabled?  Have you made sure that the  content provider has enough storage space on your local hard drive  (right click on the video and select the folder icon).


      Have you tried either updating or reinstalling the Flash Player plug-in?




      NVIDIA Customer Support



      Thank you,
      The add-on makes no difference. In IE or Chrome I don't  have add-ons and still Flash Player 10.1 plays full hd jerky at about  10-15 fps not 24-30 fps. The most evident is in slow panning.
      Yes, this happens with all online full hd 1080 videos played with Flash Player.
      Yes, I have hardware acceleration enabled and unlimited storage for content provider, and yet jerky playback.
      I've reinstaled last version of Flash Player, nothing changed.
      I  don't know what to do anymore. All the players I have run smoothly any  1080p video offline, but not the Flash Player online.
      I see that my laptop meet system requirements:






      Is there a chance to solve my problem?
      Thank you so much for your kind support,